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What's New
Dec 2022 Article in Moment Magazine: Metaverse Opportunities
Nov 2022 Article in Moment Magazine: ESG & IOT Technologies
Oct 2022 Article in Moment Magazine: ESG benefits all sorts of enterprises
Sep 2022 Joined the CACCI Chamber Model Innovation Workshop 2022
Sep 2022 Article in Moment Magazine: Digital Transformation, some good use cases
Aug 2022 Attended the Belt & Road Summit 2022
Aug 2022 Article in Moment Magazine: SME Growth Forum 2022
Jul 2022 Moderator of SME Growth Forum in Business GoVirtual Expo & Conference
Jul 2022 Article in Moment Magazine: NFT conflicts with SDG?
June 2022 Article in Moment Magazine: NFT's value, apart from money
May 2022 One of the Best Mentors of CUHK "Make a Dash" Program
April 2022 Advisor of the HKSTP T2 Innovative Thinking & Idea Pitching Day
March 2022 Acquired the third NFT from the Wonder-verse Exhibition
Jan 2022 Acquired the second NFT from Cyberport
Jan 2022 Assisted Huawei APAC to talk to a hospital CIO on Smart Hospital issues
Dec 2021 Speaker in Marvel Digital Sino-Euro Green Finance Forum 2021
Dec 2021 Acquired the second NFT from Cyberport
Dec 2021 Attended a Course on UN COP26 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
Nov 2021 Mentor of the HKSTP Mentorship Program
Nov 2021 Acquired the very first NFT as donation to the CUHK Torch Fund
Nov 2021 Business Matching with Vietnam Software & IT Services Association VINASA in the Vietnam-ASOCIO Smart City Summit 2021
Oct 2021 Attended an interesting course on Transform Training Room with VR
Sep 2021 Maaiiconnect rebranded to Cinnox on 1st Sep 2021
Aug 2021 Reseller of Award-Winning Indoor Air Quality Platform
July 2021 Speaker for the virtual Accounting & Finance Show 2021 with the topic "Another Perspective on AI for Enterprises"
June 2021 Mentor of the CUHK "MAKE a DASH" program for Youth Entrepreneurship in Greater Bay Area
June 2021 Reseller of telecom grade Maaiiconnect Messaging Services
May 2021 Judge for United Nations Hult Prize in Shenzhen Impact Summit
Jan 2021 New Pricing for SunTech Xclass System
Jan 2021 ISO 90003 for software development with risk-based thinking + compare ISO 27001 course for a MTR vendor, BAI Communications