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What's New
Nov. 2013 - June 2014 Jiangmen Hongkong IT Human Resource Development Program from November 2013 to June 2014
Nov. 2013 Assist the promotion of the 2013 Foshan "The Mayor's Cup" Industrial Design Competition
Oct. 2013 Assist the kick-off of an International Forum on Guangdong-HK Career & Entrepreneurship Development
Oct. 2013 Assist a Holland Advertising Agency to explore HK & mainland markets
July 2013 Prepare the Social Media 2013 International Conference held in Hong Kong from 2nd to 3rd August
June 2013 SME Global Alliance Retail Seminar on IT Solutions & Energy Saving
March 2013 SME Global Alliance IT Seminar on E-Commerce Platforms
Jan. - June 2013 Restart & rebrand a consulting & training institute to tackle the HK & mainland markets
Dec. 2012 ISO 90003 + ISO 10007 Course for a Hong Kong system integrator
Sep. 2012 - Feb. 2013 Assist a Holland New Technology Vendor to enter HK & mainland markets
June 2012 Housing Authority 10-day SCAMPI A done
May 2012 How to merge Agile development methods into CMMI?
April 2012 Retail & Warehouse solutions for a Theme Park
Nov. 2011 CUHK MBA Mentor for two projects
Oct. 2011 Automated Systems 9-day SCAMPI A done
Sep. 2011 Very first Red Wine Tasting activity in SME Global Alliance ShenZhen Office
Sep. 2011 PolyU Undergraduate Course on Computing Professional Ethics in Society
July 2011 Housing Authority Training on ACQ Processes Writing & Metrication
June 2011 Automated Systems 4-day SCAMPI B done
March 2011 Housing Authority CMMI-ACQ v1.3 Appraisal Kick-off and Gap Analysis
Feb. 2011 Automated Systems CMMI-DEV v1.3 Appraisal Kick-off